UNRWA: More Than 10.000 Refugees of Gaza in Shelters

Time 5:01 p.m. CEST Update: 5:28 p.m. CEST

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EREZ, ISRAEL – JULY 13: People wait to be let into Israel from Gaza during evacuations on the sixth day of Israel’s operation ‘Protective Edge’ on July 12, 2014 in Erez, Israel. Hundreds of foreigners fled Gaza today as Israel asked people to evacuate northern Gaza, in preperation of further possible operations. The IDF continues to carry out massive airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, killing more than 160 people, the majority of whom are civilians. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

After the warnings issued by Israeli Defense Forces, “Thousands of Palestinians looked for refuge at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) schools, ” WAFA writes on Sunday. About 4.000 refugees request shelters in the schools, says Robert Turner, a director of the UNRWA operations, on a news conference in one of the refugee schools. And that number rise more than 10.000, as Criss Gunness, a UNRWA spokesman tweets.

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas would undertake several steps in response to the situation in Gaza, PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said, according to the Palestine News&Info Agency WAFA.

Among the seven steps, Abbas would undertake, two addresses Palestine position in the most recent Israeli attacks on Gaza. Abbas will write a letter to the U.N. Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry.

And would ask of the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moo to include State of Palestine under the U.N. international protection system.

On July 14 meeting of the Arab’s Foreign Ministers, the State of Palestine would ask adoption of a draft resolution for the next meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Israel and Hamas airstrikes continue in the day six, and with allegations that Islamists militants use the civilians to protect their weapons in Gaza Strip. The State Secretary John Kerry should discuss the possibilities for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas during the meeting in Vienna with Iran about the nuclear program with the counterparts of France, Germany and Britain.

On Sunday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the airstrikes could continue for some time, writes The Hill, telling that if you want peace, one should “fight these people and roll them back.” According to Netanyahu, Hamas does not accept the idea of two-state solution, because they don’t want Jewish state.

Israel’s President Shimon Pere said on his Twitter account @PresidentPeres that“Israel cannot allow terrorists do drive our citizens into bomb shelters. There cannot be compromise with terror.”

The Twitter account associated with Israel’s president tweets several opinions on the current situation in Israel and Gaza Strip. As Peres explains through the social media on the motives for Israeli’s airstrikes, the number of fatalities and injured among residents of Gaza Strip mounts.

According to the Twitter account @garretpustay, Gaza Health Ministry announced the death tool mounts to 166 killed and 1120 injured in since Israel targets Gaza Strip. The emergency services spokesman Ashraf-al-Qudra, in the strike on Jabaliya that hit a house, a 14-year-old boy died.

Al-Qassam, a website of military wing of Hamas also writes that a Palestinian teenager, “identified as Huam Ibrahim Najjar, 14, was killed by an Israeli missile that hit a home in Jabaliya town, in northern Gaza Strip.”

Moreover, on Sunday, six rockets fired from Gaza in the afternoon, one struck building in Ashkelon, two hit Ashdod, three others intercepted by the anti-missile battery-Iron Dome.

Early on Sunday, unconfirmed information says the Israeli troops, thought to be naval commandos-had entered Gaza after launching the Operation Protective Edge with a goal to destroy Hamas’ capabilities.

Israel Defense Forces tweets on the Twitter account @IDFSpokesperson warns civilians remaining in sites close to Hamas is extremely unsafe. In war of words, IDF accuses Hamas for using houses, mosques, hospitals and schools to keep the weapons.

“The UNRWA has opened eight schools to accommodate the thousands of people who were evacuated from the northern Gaza Strip, ” said Turner for WAFA.

In numbers, Israel military hit about 1,320 “terror” sites across Gaza, and Hamas launched more than 800 rockets at Israel. Earlier on Sunday, Israel targeted security headquarters, reportedly run by Hamas Islamists militants. Bombs did not paralyze the life, even though more than 100 people died since the Israel air strikes target Hamas in Gaza Strip.

During the Saturday’s attack, Israeli military hit a mosques and a center for the disabled. Two women lost their lives in the attack on the center in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza.

Three others lost lives in western Gaza City, according to local health ministry spokesman Ashraf-al-Qudra. Israeli military justifies the targeting the mosque with the information the object serve as a place to hide rockets, reportedly Gaza militants use to target on Israel in the five-day offensive.

The news agencies report, Hamas, an Islamists movement rejected the international appeals to end the attacks, pledging that responsibility on Israel. With information and photographs of Israel military tanks for a possible ground operation, the challenge is on Israel that needs to face the densely populated Gaza Strip.


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