Terrorism and Balkan

Miss Stone AFFAIR

Balkan never missed turbulent times in its history.

In the fall of 1901, an American Protestant Missionary Ellen Stone was kidnapped in Balkan that was part of Ottoman Empire by Macedonian revolutionists. They wanted to draw attention to a journalist and writer Teresa Carpenter. Carpenter made Miss Stone affair very interesting, lively story of the first kidnaping in the American history outside of American territory and explained more on dazedly circumstances between the USA foreign policy and the Ottoman Empire.

Couple of years later, another group of students wanted to attract attention of Western countries.

The Boatmen of Thessaloniki was an anarchistic group that was active in Ottoman Empire around 1900. All members of the group were graduates from Bulgarian Men’s High School of Thessaloniki. They launched campaign of terror bombing – ”Thessaloniki bombings of 1903” with aim to attract attention of Great Powers to Ottoman oppression in Macedonia and Eastern Thrace.

Targets of the attacks were Turkish and Western European Companies. On 28 April 1903, Pavel Shatev blow up the French Ship “Guadalquivir”, then Mechev, Trackov and Arsov caused the damage to the train on the railway between Thessaloniki and Instanbul. Kostadin Kirkov used explosives to shut down electricity and water supply of the city and Jordan Popjordanov blew up the building of Ottoman Bank Office. Milan Arsov throw bombs in the “Alhabra” Cafe. Cvetko Traikov killed himself by setting off a bomb and then sitting on it. Most of the group members died after were shot by the army and gendarmerie forces. The attacks are first suicide bombers in Ottoman Empire. Their attacks were carefully planed and left no casualties behind.

And for further play with history in terms of attacks, history events related to terrorism in Balkans, open the following link with Prezi presentation: link to presentation on historic influence of terrorist acts in Balkan history


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