Terrorism And Media

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After 9/11 global media cover news on terrorism and terrorism attacks.  Newspapers, electronic or on-line media pay attention to historical examples of terrorist groups around the world, to define terrorism and report on events related to home-grown terrorism or terrorist attacks that endanger individuals and countries.

Section of terrorism or security is part of global print, broadcast or on-line media such as British newspaper Guardian or public media such as BBC.  Introducing terrorism as a subject in media could help to understand new challenges and risks.

In her book Packaging of terrorism, Susan D. Moeller wrote that “we have learned new meanings for old words: “9/11” is pronounced nine-eleven, not nine-one-nine, the “Madrid train station” now calls to mind a site of horror rather than a place to meet friends traveling around Europe, Ground Zero no longer refers to the epicenter on an atomic bomb blast…”

Reporting on terrorism presents challenge to media in regards to take care not to frame the stories with biased approach.


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