Under the Stone Bridge


A story should have started with a take-away coffee, sunrise and summer. Instead, it is loneliness in a city so cold, strange, and with many unpleasant people, mostly without a smile on their faces.

The stones could not smile. Even the coldest stone it was friendlier than some people in Skopje. Stone Bridge is one of the symbols for Skopje. The bridge connects two-parts of the city, an old one, and the new one. The stores at the Old Bazaar that nurture old crafts are easily reachable when one’s pass through 214 meters (702 ft.) long bridge.

Today, rushing people or careless tourists pass under the bridge. Even of solid stone bricks, Stone Bridge has a dark past. Knowing terrible time, the bridge was a public executing place, and the Ottomans who build it, killed Karposh, “King of Kumanovo” to death in 1689. With the infamous burden, Stone Bridge knows a little about love, compassion and joy, even in the recent days. The book of history says Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror built the bridge over the foundations of Roman remains.

Passing armies and different rulers left only bitter memories. The nature was not gentle either. In 1555, the earthquake destroyed four pillars. Armies who supported Nazi regime wanted to destroy the bridge with explosives.

The partisan fighters who liberated the city saved the bridge and deactivated the explosives. People  sometimes  show  negligence  ,  like this  green line  on  the  reconstructed  guardhouse  is.  

Stone Bridge

People write graffiti on the centuries old arks with different messages, only further centuries rain could erase. With such dark past, little is known about legends for the Stone Bridge. Stones could not speak. People can, with a fresh Turkish coffee and soft bread. Just to repair infamous past and watch Mountain Shara with snow in December. In silence, the future is on us to create.

Shara Mountain


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