Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon Announced State Of Emergency and Curfew in Ferguson

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Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon announced a state of emergency and a curfew in Ferguson in response to the unrests after the death of 18-years-old Michael Brown. Reporters in Ferguson, Missouri, post tweets about latest developments. They also inform on attempts of Governor Nixon and the Chief of the Highway Patrol, Ronald Johnson to introduce the order, and lower the tensions between the local community and the police.

This is how the neighborhood near QickTrip store looks at about 4 p.m. local time on Saturday, August 16.

At 3:37 a.m. at Ferguson, Missouri SWAT team surround the liquor store near Dominos, and reporters report on the possibility of someone is handcuffed. Later, the police release the man. Tim Pool of @ViceNews.com tweets on @timcast that police seem to be in control of the situation.

Police try to prevent looting in stores in Ferguson. That area is another of the main protest site. It is about 3:30 a.m. at Ferguson, as reporters start to tweet that a huge police response arrive at Chambers and West Florissant Avenue.

Some of the reporters tweet that police just left corner of Ferguson Avenue and West Florissant Avenue.

Other reports that SWAT team is keeping distance of the protesters. KMOV.com is live streaming, and shows rare protesters with hand behind their back in from of the riot police line in Ferguson.

Tim Pool of @ViceNews.com says the situation start to calm down in Ferguson, with police standing in the line, and people remaining on the streets. In almost two hours of tense situation between the police, and local population in Ferguson, police did not make any action, aside the initial throwing of the smoke grenade. That happened after midnight, and according to reporters on the ground was enough to upset the local population. CNN.com reports that the standoff started “after more than two dozen protesters closed off a section of street near a convenience store.”

The Associated Press reports that police and about 200 protesters clashed on Friday night in Ferguson.

Alderman of St.Louis City Antonio French, who was also arrested in the past days by the police tweets the situation had disappointing turn.

Reporters say some of the people with hands in the air start to move toward the police line. Special Weapons and Tactics team and police made announcement for the protesters shortly before 2:45 a.m. local time: “End or other activities.”

At about 2:22 a.m. reporters tweet the situation start to calm down in Ferguson, as protesters are standing on the street and police is back in their trucks. Tim Pool reports the police helicopter fly over area. On the live stream of ViceNews we can hear loud music, and some of the people are dancing. The police move only a quarter of the block, as Pool reports. However, the police are still in the line.

Police warn protesters that they must clear the street for their safety. It appears the police armored vehicles move slowly into the rainy night in Ferguson. Police use helicopter to fly above the scene in Ferguson, and issues warnings: “We don’t want anyone get hurt. Please, disperse.” Police now move one block further. After the first move and the tear gas grenade, police issue only warning to the protesters who are upset. Some of the protesters guard the stores from the looting of those who loot. Police use smoke bomb in front of Ferguson market.

The residents who are now outside on the street talk with reporters, although do not want to appear on the camera. They protest on the police brutality, and question the reliability of the media. It is about 2:00 a.m. local time in Ferguson.

“To fix the racism, you need to fix the system from the ground,” some of the protesters said to the media. People are emotional, and the situation remains tense near the liquor store in Ferguson, where reportedly killed teenager Brown stole the box of cigarettes.

Reporters and journalists of different media outlets in the U.S. tweet about another tense situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Paul Hampel, a reporter with St.Louis Post-Dispatch tweets on the situation. Some of the protesters break into a beauty supply store, reporters tweet. Reporters tweet on alleged looting in different stores by the protesters. Lifestream on ViceNews show intense situation, and some of the protesters with mask asking reporters to “get out of there.” It is 1:30 a.m. local time in Ferguson.

The situation worsened shortly after midnight on Saturday, August 16.

BREAKING: police order protesters to disperse, protesters form line

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A week after the tragic death of 18-year-old teenager Michael Brown, the situation is not calming down.

Social media accounts, tweet post, and short videos of vine accounts shared on Twitter show another standoff between police and protesters.

Reporters tweet armored vehicle are again on the street, and police use warning to protesters, they need to disperse immediately. According to reporters tweet, the situation is tense, after another shooting that happened near the McDonalds in Ferguson. Other social media accounts on Twitter, also tweet police used tear gas in Ferguson.

Reporters say minutes before the midnight the situation was normal, as Missouri Chief of the Highway Patrol, Ronald Johnson,  and a congressman were in Ferguson. The situation worsened after riot police arrived to the scene. The reporters can hear the sound of pilling motorcycle, and loud sounds. Before the police arrived, the residents had block party. It is unclear what happened and caused the worsening of the situation. Some of the people on the street reportedly attacked media crews because of the reporting.

About a week ago, a police officer uses the gun and killed unarmed teenager, Michel Brown. Protests started amid tensions and low trust between the variety of the police units and the local community population in Ferguson.

Note: Writing in Skopje, Macedonia on the base of social media reports of Ferguson, Missouri.

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