Nature has an irresistible charm to offer escapades of the daily life in the city. Wrapped with daily work in the ordinary life, we do not notice the beauty around us. Sometimes, as we run on the city pavements, there is a hidden wish to explore something unusual and extraordinary. What we are doing when we want to escape of city street noise? Where we are going to charge the batteries and prepare for the burden of daily life, competition and usual professional activities? Where is the niche we want to look at when the life in the city becomes annoying?

The fast track into a getaway of busy days is a very old recipe with several ingredients. Is this familiar notion? Sound of birds, the murmur of wind that creates gentle movement of flower, and the serenity of the moment are advantages of nature. Take them with hearth and deep breath when mountain biking, hiking, walking or just enjoying the view. At Ramno, the highest point of Skopska Crna Gora Mountain calmness could greet you after leaving the city noise behind.

Photography, videography and video editing by Aleksandra Dukovska

Music: Handmade_Foggy Dew; Turjan Aylahn_Nomades; Nctify, Romanza II


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