ALEKSANDRA DUKOVSKA, Skopje I Published January 2, 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012. The coalition of parties in opposition went on protest in front of the ruling governmental party VMRO-DPMNE. Those who went on protest walked with different banners. Some of the messages highlight: “Macedonia above all” and “Resistance is our duty”. Members of the Parliament in opposition, president of Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski and other parties in opposition started their peaceful protest near Skopje City Museum.

Supporters of the opposition use graffiti spray can to write resistance messages on these metallic fences. The members of the coalition of opposition political parties stopped near the headquarters of ruling party to express their opinion on the way the majority of members of the Parliament voted on State Budget on Monday, December 24, 2012. The people with signs of security maintain the order among those who went on protest of the opposition. Despite the talks of members of the Parliament and presidents of parties in opposition, Stojan Andov, a former president of the Parliament expressed his view on events in the parliamentarian Plenary Hall during the voting of the State Budget for 2013. Andov was not present in the Plenary Hall on Monday, although he offers his opinion on the way budget was voted.

Stojan Andov: Former President of Parliament of Republic of Macedonia said “In the Plenary Hall of Parliament the mandate was suspended to one -third of the elected representatives of the people”.

Couple of days before, on Monday December 24th, opposition and their supporters went on protest to express their concerns with the government proposed amount for state budget on which they proposed several austerity measures. The opposition faced those who went on protest in support of Government measures and proposal how to spend budget financial means near the Parliament building. Heavy police presence at the scene tried to prevent possible collision among those who went on protest.

Current Mayor of Karposh Municipality Stevco Jakimovski photographed among protesters in the camp of supporters of opposition. Members of the opposition and president of Social Democratic Union of Macedonia sang the national anthem in one of the moments during the protest. Special police officers present at the scene prevented several times the break through the police cordon, although at one moment as video shows the cordon was broke. Additional police forces pushed away the protesters of the Parliament building and from the other group of protesters.

The police officers pushed away even the former president of the state, Branko Crvenkovski, as this photo shows. The media present at the scene tried to report the movements by the police and protesters. The following video shows some of the final moments when police pushed away the protesters in attempt to restore the distance between those who went on protest on Monday, December 24th.


 Meeting new people


It’s officially Dia de los Muertos season! Maybe the best time to be in Phoenix and meet a Latino writer and artist Kathy Cano-Murillo.

She knows almost all the secrets about this three thousands years old Mexican holiday. “The importance of Dia de los Muertos is to honore loved ones that passed away and to celebrate cycle of your life”, said artist Kathy Cano-Murillo.

The celebration occurs each year on November 2. Tradition includes building private altars, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, favorite foods and beverages. Kathy likes to educate people so they don’t think the holiday is just about decorating, cute images. I really like for them to know the story behind the holiday.

While Kathy talked with the children, I wondered what some of the sightseer would tell me on the day of the dead. Kayla is one of the visitors and she thought that it is just about to being scare. The director of Ariztlan Studios, James L.Covarrubias thought opposite. “It is not scary thing at all, even though they use skulls. It is great joys day, remembering our ancestors, our ancestors all the way to the Indian times”, Covarrubias said.

Aztecs were first who celebrated similar holiday a thousands of years ago. They were celebrating the winter season with hope the spring will bring more joy and happiness. Hope, new chances and creativity are in the focus of Kathy Murillo art crafts. She recently kicks off Dia de los Muertos project inspiration series and recommends trying new things, meeting new people.

“It is all about positivity and culture and love and beauty and just all of those good things that make up a nice well rounded sweet life”, said Kathy Murillo. The celebration of Dia de los Muertos is shortly after the Halloween and sometimes the two holidays are connected together. Kathy says the two actually have little in common.

She is associating Halloween more with play and joy, trick or treat, while spiritual renewal is reserved for Dia de los Muertos. Even though separately, she will celebrate both of them with the glittering style to mark a new phase in her life.


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