Future of Media and Journalism

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Photos by Aleksandra Dukovska during Hubert Humphrey Fellows visit
to Newseum in October 2010 in Washington D.C.

The journalism is changing its shape constantly. The layers, graphics and design are becoming more important than the story itself. Reading the newspapers is no more desired ritual. Receiving the news from various platforms is a new globe phenomenon that we can’t diminish. It was something very honest in these words of Len Downie, a former executive editor of Washington Post, when he spoke on Newsweek magazine uncertain future destiny. “Newsmagazines are fading away. They are going to hit the wall at some point”, Downie said.

To summarize this short reflection, I would like to underline that some new kids on the block will shape and help the rebirth of journalism. It will be something new and maybe completely different from the old kind of journalism we knew. The journalism we knew maybe is fading out, but new kind of storytelling is coming to share as many stories as possible. Can we follow that tempo should be our very personal choice?

The answer is in the words of Gabriel Dance. An interactive editor of the Guardian U.S. and a former multimedia producer at The New Work Times spoke on interactive narratives and that “one of the great things about the Internet being so new is that there is no “right” or “wrong”. According to Dance, we should “explore the possibilities of the Web, find the right kind of journalism. He recommends “ Internet is different for everybody, so innovate on your own terms, throw at the wall, see if its sticks”.



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