NATO Signed Accession Protocol with “Future Republic of North Macedonia”

Courtesy of NATO

NATO Alliance signed “the Accession Protocol with the Future Republic of North Macedonia,” said the Alliance on its website. The signing of the Accession Protocol took place in Brussels at the NATO headquarters after 11 years since Greece blocked the Republic of Macedonia for a membership in the Alliance due to the name issue.

Last June, two countries signed the Prespes agreement that defines the agreed name “The Republic of North Macedonia” in exchange of faster NATO and EU membership. Parliaments of 29 member states will need to ratify the accession protocol, and the new Constitutional name will be in use seven days after Greece Parliament ratifies the agreement.

On January 25, Greek Parliament approved the agreement of Prespes and the name Republic of North Macedonia. On Friday, the Greek Parliament should vote on the Accession Protocol.

Official ceremony in Brussels passed under Signature of the Accession Protocol with Skopje.

The June 17, 2017, Agreement, as signed by foreign ministers pledges no official use of the acronym FYROM and Republic of Macedonia. The Government in Skopje ensured the two-third majority for the Constitutional changes in the mid-October and the final voting process in the Parliament was on January 11, 2019.


Republic of Macedonia entered UN under the provisional name FYROM in 1993

Greece referred to the neighboring state as FYROM

Greece accepted name Republic of North Macedonia


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