Parliament in Skopje Approved Name Change Into North Macedonia

Festive Atmosphere in the Assembly after name-change agreement.
SDSM MPs congratulate Prime minister Zoran Zaev after the voting of Constitution amendments for a name change of the Republic of Macedonia into Republic of North Macedonia. Skopje January 11, 2019.

Two days after the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia celebrated 28 years after the first plenary session in 1991, 81 MPs decided to vote in favor of four amendments to change the Constitution name according to the June 17, 2018, agreement signed in Greece for a final solution into the decades long issue on the name.

At the same plenary session MPs voted for the Constitutional Law, which defines the name-change would be in force after Greece signs the NATO Treaty Protocol for the Republic of North Macedonia. VMRO-DPMNE MPs boycotted the plenary session and opposed to the name change, requesting snap elections.

The Government of Zoran Zaev who backed internationally brokered agreement ensured support with the votes of political parties of Albanians who trade with Zaev on the issue of the citizenship, which will be slightly different for Albanians of Macedonia than that according to the Agreement that stipulates citizenship as Macedonian/Citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Outside the Parliament, heavy police presence guarded the building of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. Rare protesters stood outside on a freezing weather to express their opinion against the name-change agreement.


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