London Fire: May Ordered Public Inquiry, Death Toll Expected to Rise

Time: 14:44 p.m. CEST

Police in London confirm that 17 people died in a fire that engulfed 24-storey building on Wednesday and inform that officers and firefighters use dogs in search for those missing in the smouldering Grenfell Tower. The fire crews managed to evacuate more than 65 adults and children, but others stayed inside in what looked from outside as terrible inferno, which cause is not yet known.

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton shared with the public their fears about numbers of fatalities, yet to be identified. Massive fire left nothing but troubles behind, even for the rescue crews and sniffers dogs whose job will be now to find and later identify remnants of those who stayed trapped inside and possibly suffocated.

For Commissioner Cotton, thorough search will be “difficult and painstaking.” The final number of fatalities would be known after the attempts to find those missing. And many are calling the casualty bureau to check for those missing, with people reporting for 46 times a person who is missing since the  tragic event.

Volunteers and community effortlessly help since yesterday to those who spent the night in the makeshift camp outside, watching their homes destroyed by the massive fire. Prime minister Theresa May ordered a public investigation after she visited the site. But, residents already raised the question about the fire safety of the building. As BBC News reports in their graphic about the Grenfell Tower in west London by Studio E Architects “fire reported to have started on fourth floor.”


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