US President Trump Seeks ‘Better Deal’ and Quits Paris Climate Agreement

Time: 7:35 a.m. CEST

The United States President Donald Trump decided to pull out U.S. of the Paris climate agreement, major success of his predecessor Barack Obama. As the Washington Post publishes, Trump’s decision provoke condemnation worldwide among foreign leaders and environmentalists who think that the U.S. withdrawal of the agreement is “an irresponsible abdication of American leadership in the face of irrefutable scientific evidence.”

Despite the decision, some U.S. states and private companies decided to abide to the goals of the agreement.

Trump announced the withdrawal from the Rose Garden in the White House and said, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” As Trump explained, the U.S. will cease all implementation of the nonbinding Paris accord. When signed, Paris agreement was celebrated as major achievement for the global warming crisis.

This is how former White House press secretary Josh Earnest reacted on Twitter after Trump’s decision on the accord.

The Post says, the process of withdrawal will end near the end of Trump’s term due to the accord’s legal structure and language. Trump justified its decision with the potential loss of jobs and cost to business if the U.S. implements the accord, but promised clean air and water.

The U.S. president is open for new deal, which will take care more for the U.S. interests. Two more countries, Syria and Nicaragua are out of the agreement. France, Italy and Germany issued a statement after Trump’s decision. Former President Obama strongly defended the Paris agreement.

Here is his full statement on the Paris climate agreement.

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