Who is the White House Official Under Investigation?

Time: 9:34 p.m. CEST

A current White House official is a significant person of interest in the law enforcement investigation about Russia and the Trump campaign, the Washington Post reports. The online edition of the Post said people who are familiar with the investigation explained, “the intensifying effort does not mean criminal charges are near, or that any such charges will result.”

Even though the case started last July as an effort to determine if Trump associates had connection with Russian operatives to interfere in the presidential campaign, now the Federal Bureau of Investigation tries to look for any financial crimes.

The Post says, the FBI’s investigation seeks to establish if some of Trump’s associates had contacts with Kremlin operatives, and if they were engaged in the “hacking and publishing of Democratic National Committee and emails of John Podesta, who worked as a Hillary Clinton campaign chairman.”

The Post does not reveal who is current White House official that is under possible investigation. Despite, adds to the article Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say, that, a grand jury in Alexandria, Va. recently issued “a subpoena for records related to Flynn’s business, the Flynn Intel Group,” which received more than $500,000 a company in ownership of a Turkish American businessman.

As a source, the Post use, people familiar with the matter.

Further, the Post says, the Flynn Intel Group received money for research on Fethullah Gulen. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in interviews requested of the U.S. extradition of Gulen, whom he perceives as responsible for coup attempt last summer in Turkey. As the Post explains, “Flynn retroactively registered with the Justice Department in March as a paid foreign agent for Turkish interest.”


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