Local: Ivanov Gives Government Mandate to Zaev

Time: 4:19 p.m. CEST

Photography, video and article by Aleksandra Dukovska

In a short ceremony in Skopje, president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev refuted possibility a platform to be condition for making a new government.


President of Social Democratic Union of Macedonia Zoran Zaev said on May 17 that a document, a platform, a declaration, act or activity contradictory with four guaranties his party delivered to the President Gjorgje Ivanov could not be condition for forming of the new government.

“Neither document, platform, declaration, act or acting, cannot be condition or basis for the foundation and acting of the new government,” Zaev stated in Skopje.

Zaev arrived in the presidential villa, where he received a mandate from Ivanov, as a representative to the parliamentarian majority. In a short address, Zaev read a statement his party submitted to Ivanov on May 16, as guaranties for the unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia.

Zaev and his political party gave the statement on behalf of the new parliamentarian majority to make clear they would guarantee unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia.

SDSM pledges that would protect the constitutional order and territorial integrity of the country, would enforce better life for the citizens and that the process of the decision making would be in accordance with the basic democratic principles and rule of law, without dependence of the Republic by foreign state.

President Gjorgje Ivanov gave a mandate to Zaev upon requesting written guaranties for the unitary character of the state. Today he stated that the obstacles for the mandate do not exist and according to the Constitution, he is giving a mandate to the president of SDSM. Zaev promised formation of new government as soon as possible with the parties he delivered signatures to Ivanov.

“Coalition, lead by the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia that has a majority in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia suggested Zoran Zaev who will receive a mandate for the formation of government,” Ivanov stated.

Earlier, the organizers of the protest for unitary character of Macedonia submitted request to the Constitutional Court to review the voting of the new president of Parliament, Talat Xhaferi.


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