Protest in Skopje Continues, Activists and Supporters Request Election

Time: 7:07 p.m. CEST

Organizers of the initiative for unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia and supporters marched in Skopje from the government to the Assembly building requesting election. “We would have election, and maybe more soon than we are expecting,” Bogdan Ilievski stated after opening discussions about opinions of those who negate the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia. Ilievski commented today’s statement of recently voted new president of Parliament, Talat Xhaferi who announced returning to the Parliamentary democracy, telling that in the process of reconciliation after 2001 conflict, he transformed him “from terrorist,” to “peace fighter and peace guarantor.”

In the process of reconciliation, does not mean that after 16 years, he would give statement like this and someone would trust him. In the address to the gathered people, Ilievski commented the statement of BESA movement; redefinition of the state is a pre-condition for further talks in government formation. Boris Damovski said the initiative has patience, and that the fight would continue in the name of the future generations to preserve the country with this flag, anthem, and these people.

Note: Today’s information about activities of the initiative is based on media live stream


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