DJ Robert Miles Dies, leaving musical legacy

Time: 4:20 p.m. CEST

Author and producer of instrumental hit “Children,” Robert Miles died at age 47

Robert Miles, born as Roberto Concina in Switzerland died after short illness at the age of 47. Miles, famous DJ who won the Brit Award for best international breakthrough, was planetary known for the trance hit “Children.” Miles’ longtime friend and collaborator Joe T. Vannelli, who posted the tragic news in a Facebook statement, announced the news about the music producer death.

Rolling Stone, famous music magazine, published Miles passed away and wrote about “Children,” a track of Miles’ 1996 LP Dreamland, song that ascended to Number One in over a dozen countries and it was Number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, rare place for instrumental track. The song married a gentle piano melody with a hypnotic trance beat, the Rolling Stone writes. Singer Boy George of Culture Club posted on Twitter, “R.I.P Robert Miles. Very sad news.!” After huge success with “Children,” Miles had two UK top 10 singles, “Fable,” and “One & One.” Miles had a Balearic radio station, Open Lab dedicated to experimental music.


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