Red and Yellow Civil Group Supporters Questioned EU Role in Political Developments in Macedonia

Time: 10:44 p.m. CEST

The organizers of Red and Yellow protest in Macedonia marked Victory Day, usually celebrated on May 9 with paying tribute to fallen of Macedonia in the World War II and protest walk to the premises of the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje. Bogdan Ilievski, one of the organizers of the initiative for the unitary character of Macedonia, laid flowers at the monument of participants in anti-fascist movement in Macedonia during the occupation by Nazi Germany’s supporters.

After the ceremony on unusual cold and windy weather, gathered people walked peacefully to the offices of the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje. During the address part of today’s protest, Ilievski commented voting process for Talat Xhaferi in the Assembly, after his name was officially published in Official Gazette as new president of the Parliament.


Ilievski commented the document sent from the new majority in the Parliament to Official Gazette. “Goran Misovski, signed as deputy chairman of the constitutive session of the Assembly. Deputy chairmen of Trajko Veljanovski with the constitutive session are Stojan Milanov from the Socialist Party of the Republic of Macedonia and Jusuf Hasani of the Democratic Party of Turks in Macedonia,” Ilievski stated.

The protest taking place near the police guarded building of the European Union in Skopje questioned the role of the current European Union ambassador, Samuel Zbogar in the latest political development in the country. Zbogar was among first foreign ambassadors who held official meeting with Xhaferi in the cabinet of the president of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia.

Ambassadors of EU Zbogar and the United States Jess Baily in the country rushed to greet election of Xhaferi as a new president of the Parliament, even though VMRO-DPMNE disputes the way procedure passed in the Assembly. Xhaferi has support of SDSM and DUI, his voting was greeted by EU and US ambassadors, but in the absence of the official voting record, VMRO-DPMNE questioned his election. Even former president of the Assembly, Trajko Veljanovski who chaired with the constitution session with the Parliament, reacted on Facebook about the procedure.

Even though, Macedonia, as FYRO Macedonia, is a EU candidate country since December 2005, some of the organizers of the protest today questioned the political elite decision for European integration process. According to Boris Damovski, people should have decided on that on referendum. An actor Vanco Petrushevski talked extensively about current political development and questioned the role of Europe toward Macedonian people.

He said that we are standing here “before Europe that manipulates this community.” Damovski commented a recent slogan on the EU building “EU for you,” marking many programs and activities of the Delegation for the local communities. But, said Damovski, “For Macedonia, never.” Damovski referred to official wording that EU diplomats use when addressing or visiting our country. “Your country, or Skopje,” Damovski waved with his hand and head.


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