Red and Yellow Protest in Skopje On Rain

Time: 11:48 p.m. CEST


Red and Yellow protest continued in Skopje with peaceful protest march from the government to the building of the Assembly. Supporters of the initiative for unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia sang patriotic songs and waved with state official flags. Bogdan Ilievski promised that President Gjorgje Ivanov will have their support. “President, stood firm to your commitment, until you are doing that, we are going to be with you,” Ilievski said.

Regarding rumors that some political parties would go to opposition, Ilievski said, “Macedonia would never be opposition for us, it would be always first for us.” Ilievski, also questioned, “How do you broke the regime, by making a coalition with Albanian part of the regime.” Actor Petar Temelkovski read about St. Paul and his address to his followers, while Ilievski red sentences of Goce Delcev, prominent Macedonian hero who fought Ottoman Empire.


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