Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt Yee Urges Dialogue in Parliament

Time: 10:24 p.m. CEST

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and EuroAsia at the State Department Brian Hoyt Yee calls on the authorities to fully investigate the attacks and urged a dialogue in the Parliament.

 “We call upon authorities in this country to fully investigate the attacks and hold those responsible accountable and bring them to justice. It is very important for the political leaders of the country to find a way to end political crisis, to end impasse they have now.” Yee called on dialogue inside the Parliament.

“What ever is proposed by the majority should be consider seriously in the Parliament, I believe it is a proper place in the legislative body, not outside,” Hoyt Yee said at the end of his two-day visit in Skopje in attempts to find a solution for the political crisis in Macedonia.

In the morning, President Ivanov met with Yee at the presidential residency in Skopje. Neither gave statements. Later, the presidential cabinet issued a statement in which Ivanov said that he asks of SDSM leader Zaev to fulfill publicly given word he would come with the coalition partners and would offer guaranties for strengthening unitary character of the state, and that everything will by Constitution of the country.

Ivanov repeated that Tirana’s Platform couldn’t be, either condition, or basis for formation of the government in the Republic of Macedonia. Inside the Parliament, Yee had meetings with new president of the Assembly, Talat Xhaferi, which MPs of SDSM and DUI voted in the aisle of the plenary hall in the Parliament on Thursday.

Xhaferi spoke briefly to the reporters, opening his statement on Albanian language. After he ended a statement on Albanian, he offered a statement on Macedonian language, requesting speedy recovery of everyone after unpleasant events in the Parliament on April 27. After those meetings, Yee met with president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev.

SDSM also offered a statement after the meeting. SDSM claims that new president of the Assembly was elected according to the rules of work, laws and Constitution. According to the statement, published on SDSM’s website, Zaev said that Ivanov would receive information about new president of the Assembly, new parliamentarian majority, and he would request of Ivanov to deliver the mandate for the government.

This should make an end to the “unreasonable requests” by Ivanov who imposed conditions for the mandate, the statement said. After the meeting with Zaev, Hoyt Yee had discussion with president and representatives of VMRO-DPMNE. This political party also issued brief statement about the meeting. VMRO-DPMNE thinks that, “Political violence of SDSM over the Constitution ended with illegal attempt for president of the Assembly voting outside of all rules and after the officially closed parliamentarian session, without official notes, without a right of the members of the Parliament to speak, regardless of the rule of work, laws and Constitution.”

Even though Ivanov requested help of the United States to remove all obstacles for the mandate, in the statement president of the Republic of Macedonia requested of Zaev fulfillment of publicly given promise. According to the media, protest of the initiative for the unitary character of Macedonia would continue on May 2.


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