Red&Yellow Protest Continues in Skopje, Organizers Condemn Yesterday Violence in Parliament

Time: 11:09 CEST

Organizers of the initiative for unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia protested peacefully in front of the building of the Delegation of the European Union in Skopje a day after the biggest turbulences happen since the beginning of this protests. Even though, after yesterday’s unpleasant events, many considered that conflicts could continue, on peaceful protests, organizers condemn the violence, which broke in the Parliament.

“The violence is not our intention, and we should condemn it. Our goal is with persistence to re-take Macedonia,” Boris Damovski, one of the organizers announced in Skopje, after explaining the protesters gathered in front of European Union, which Ambassador three times visited and encouraged them in the Assembly to make a coup. Damovski referred to yesterday’s initiative of possible new parliamentary majority to elect new president of the Assembly.

Vlado Jovanovski who is supporting this initiative said that as a parent, as a father, as Macedonian, “I condemn the violence that occurred yesterday and I regret for all injured in yesterday’s event. It should never happen again.” Requesting mutual respect of the employees of the European Union, Bogdan Ilievski, one of the organizers said, “The violence is not the way, neither blood should fall for unreasonable people.

Our path is the way of dignity, love for Macedonia and therefore we condemn violence.” Ilievski stated that, “we condemn attempts “for angering people, we condemn violence, but we condemn signing of foreign anthems in our Parliament. More than 100 people, including parliamentarians were injured yesterday when unidentified men, including people with masks, entered Assembly after SDMS and DUI voted in the middle of the plenary hall for Talat Dzaferi as a new president of the Assembly.


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