Dramatic and Bloody Night in Skopje, People Entered Parliament

Time: 11:19 p.m. CEST

Shortly after 6:30 p.m.  local time, one of the TV screens inside the press center the in Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia showed live coverage of  large number of people, some attending the protest for the unitary character of Republic of Macedonia, entering inside the building of the Assembly.

Almost one hour later, unidentified group of people broke violently into the press center, where MP’s of SDSM and DUI explained their previous decision to vote for new president of the Parliament, Talat Xhaferi.

What followed was chaotic scene inside the building of the Parliament, where part of angered people confronted with members of the Parliament.

When people broke into the Press center of the Parliament, some confronted with Radmila Shekerinska and others, who were inside the hall. One of the parliament members, which looked like Zijadin Sela, was covered with blood, and it was dragged in the  hallway by unidentified persons.

Police used stunt grenades to liberate the area and make a tampon zone between angered people and several members of the Parliament.

Dramatic night is far from over, even though riot police officers used tear gas, sound grenades and confronted people inside the second floor of the Parliament.

Later, riot police dispersed people and evacuated trapped parliamentarians.

A riot police officer watches through the broken window after using sound grenade and tear gas to disperse people from the Press center in the Parliament.
President of SDSM, Zoran Zaev (Right) seen with blood on his shirt inside the Press Center of Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia shortly after people broke into the building.
MP Radmila Sekerinska of SDSM tries to leave the press center after angered people broke inside.
Riot police officers pushed people away of the area close to the press center.

 Note: Journalism photography and video, no other uses allowed, including for facial recognition


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