Obama Makes First Post-Presidency Appearance At University of Chicago

Time: 8:33 p.m. CEST

Former President Barack Obama said that because of money and politics, “special interest dominates” in debates in Washington, which differ the broad way Americans feel. Obama made his first public appearance on Monday with a discussion held at the University of Chicago. Obama explained to young people that he did not succeed in his “aspirational” goal to unite Americans supporting either of both parties.

What is preventing people for more commitment to solve and engage with issues ranging from economic inequality,  lack of opportunity, criminal justice system that too often is exuded in ways that is not productive, climate change, to issues related to violence is “political gerrymandering.” As Obama said to the audience at the University of Chicago, “it has with the fact that because political gerrymandering our parties move further and further apart and it is harder and harder to find common ground.”


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