Red and Yellow Protesters Said “We are here”

Time:8:13 p.m. CEST

Next week could be crucial for those who protest in support of the unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia and for refusal of Tirana’s platform, a document which drafting probably started at the meeting of political parties of Albanians in Macedonia in neighboring NATO country member, Albania.

As Bogdan Ilievski, one of the organizers of the initiative said, “They would attempt again and our duty is to prevent them, regardless the way we need to do that.” Organizers of the protest walk have been  marching for 40 days now and intend to endure with the protest until the politicians accept their demands.

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“We do not believe in Tirana’s platform, but we are trusting to ourselves and the future of Macedonia,” Boris Damovski stated on April 7. Gathered people waved with red and yellow hand gloves and two excavators arrived at the Boulevard October 11, near the Parliament building with placards saying, “We are here.”


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