Institutional Turbulences Continues in Macedonia, Protesters Voiced Demands

Time: 11:52 p.m. CEST


Members of the Parliament made no progress in finding common language to achieve consensus on the way they would work to end the constitutive session, which began four months ago with the national anthem. That is one of the issues that could be an obstacle for future government formation, regardless the possible parliamentarian majority of 67 members of the parliament.

Former Prime minister Nikola Gruevski was is in the plenary hall, but he left during the procedural talks about SDSM’s suggestions to make changes in the schedule of the topics for discussion. Parliamentarians of VMRO-DPMNE did not agree with the interpretation of the rules for work of the Parliament and disputed SDSM’s attempt to make the changes in the topics.

Relaxed, but disputable exchanges in the Parliament exacerbate the situation with the street protest of the initiative for the unitary character of Republic of Macedonia and culminated near the Assembly, where one of the organizers of the protest, Boris Damovski said, “Thousands are ready to bring justice in Macedonia.” Regardless, the protest outside the Parliament ended peacefully. Parliament session would continue on Monday.

© Aleksandra Dukovska


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