Red&Yellow Protesters Marched to Triumph Arc Macedonia, Repeated Their Demands

Time: 10:50 p.m. CEST

A photographer takes picture of people walking on Stone Bridge in Skopje during protest march for the unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia. People hold the placards: “Macedonia is everything what we have,” and “Against the changes of the anthem, flag and the national emblem.”

Organizers of the initiative for the unitary character of Republic of Macedonia pay respect to the document, Declaration for independence placed at the lobby in the Museum of the Macedonian struggle, dating of January 25, 1991, when the Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia declared independence of Yugoslavia. Their supporters marched from the Government building to the Triumphal Gate “Macedonia,” passing through the Stone Bridge in Skopje, holding a banner for unitary Macedonia.

Music and traditional drums dominates as background during the protest walk, while patriotic and pop songs having name Macedonia in it offered festive atmosphere, although the reason for gatherings are related to the ongoing political crisis in the country.

Bogdan Ilievski commented the discussion by the opposition MP Ljupco Nikolovski. “They would not allow the country to be hostage of the political crisis. Ljupco, we have a plan too. We have two plans. The first one is refusal of Tirana’s platform, and after create what you want. The second plan is the following,’The people who brought you to the Parliament, it can pull you out of the Assembly,'” Ilievski stated.

A theater critic Borce Grozdanovski warned parliamentarians to their actions, while music TV host Antonio Dimitrievski talked about importance of unitary Macedonia. “Macedonia will remain the country of free people. The country where people know to listen to their heart,” Boris Damovski, one of the organizers said on Wednesday.


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