Red&Yellow Protest Supported by General Mitre Arsovski

Time: 11:13 p.m. CEST

Mitre Arsovski.JPG

Red and Yellow protests continued in Skopje on April 4 with people walking from the Government building to the Assembly, where speakers addressed several issues, including Tirana’s platform. Retired Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Republic of Macedonia, Mitre Arsovski spoke about the necessity to raise the share for investment in the military. Arsovski said he would not like to speak about Tirana’s platform because that is the platform created in a place outside of Republic of Macedonia. The protests would continue tomorrow. “If necessary, we would do this (protest) even for a year and we would persuade them to do what we want,” Arsovski stated, adding, “No one would pressure us for the government that is not from here.”


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