Red&Yellow Protest Supporters Marched For Their Demands

Time: 10:50 p.m. CEST

Photography, videography and writing by Aleksandra Dukovska

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Large numbers people and supporters of the initiative for the unitary character of Republic of Macedonia gathered on March 30 to protest current institutional crisis in the country and to request refusal of Tirana’s platform, a document largely spoken in the past period, which could provoke the foundation of the Republic and move the country toward gradual federalization.

[Video highlights of March 30, 2017 Red&Yellow Protest]

In a festive mood people marched peacefully from the government building to the building of the Assembly where, speakers spoke why are supporting the initiative. The protest considered the political momentum of the gridlock in the Assembly where new members of the Parliament struggle to move forward with discussions about new president of the Assembly after December 11 election. People held placards with messages for the parliamentarians, mostly addressing the rules of the Parliament.

In support of the initiative on March 30 protest, two former presidents of the Assembly addressed gathered people. In the modest history of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia, each of the presidents faced their challenges with the way of the functioning of the parliamentarian democracy. Regardless, well-known theater director Ljubisha Georgievski and Constitutional Law Professor Savo Klimovski shared their views on the political developments.

“We are on the crossroad,” Georgievski stated before the gathered people and organizers who helped to this 80-year-old former president of the Parliament to overcome the stairs to the improvised podium near the Parliament building. “Three years someone is playing on the card that we are patriots and we would play war. But, we would not. Because we know what is the result between war and peace,” Georgievski stated. Georgiveski, who was president of the Parliament from 2006 to 2008, suggested to people and to organizers to make petition to the European Union that would address their views in lack of understandings for their demands.

Klimovski, president of the Assembly from 1999 until 2000 spoke about the need to define one program with specific dates that need to be accepted by this parliament, referring to people who gave mandate to the parliamentarians on election. Gathered people chanted, “election,” supporting the demand for organization of new general election.


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