Red&Yellow Protest Continues in Skopje

Time: 11: 58 p.m. CEST

Boris Damovski asked gathered people in support for unitary character of Macedonia whether they knew that Law on referendum is not allowing a referendum on election. People disproved and shout in protest.

Red and Yellow protest in support for unitary character of Republic of Macedonia continued with a stop near the headquarters of SDSM and loud mention of their members of parliament in six electoral units. Organizers of the protest called members of this parliamentary group to consider their demands for refusal of Tirana’s platform. Yesterday, organizers and their supporters addressed VMRO-DPMNE’s MP with the same requests. This demand means call for MP’s not to vote for Assembly president who is supporting Tirana’s platform, as Bogdan Ilievski, one of the organizers of the protest said when the group arrived near SDSM’s headquarters, supported by patriotic music. Before, near the Assembly, Boris Damovski said, “We don’t need weapons, we are the weapon, our unity,” after the speech of an actor Vanco Petrushevski who said, “We are gathering to protect that word, ‘Macedonian.’

Bogdan Ilievski stands on the car with the speakers and music for the protest during 30th day of expressing disagreements with Tirana’s platform, a document which content and purpose is still unclear, month after media on Albanian language published the information about it.
People with placards express their views and address the political parties to refute Tirana’s platform document. 
Protest walk with patriotic songs starts at the building of the Government of Republic of Macedonia with a banner showing main message of their demands.

Author’s Note: Journalism photography only. It is not for any facial recognition.


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