Street Voices: Red And Yellow Protest In Skopje Continues With Excavators

Time: 10:49 p.m. CEST

Protesters organized in the initiative for the unitary character of the Republic of Macedonia gathered for 26th day in Skopje to repeat their demands against Tirana’s platform and said no one can be the president of the Assembly without refuting the controversial document, presented on January 7, 2017, as a document of Albanian political parties in Macedonia.

The group of protesters in large numbers arrived supported with excavators before the Assembly, but the machines only symbolized support of the construction sector. From the improvised stage speaker shared their views on current political deadlock after December 11 election. An archeologist Ivan Stancevski said that, “No entrance in NATO could be with bilingual army uniforms,” referring to the topics of discussion about possible bilingual police and army uniforms.

Another participant in the protest, granddaughter of a revolutionary Pitu Guli, Elena Guli responded to remarks of one political representatives of Albanians in Macedonia, who reportedly said that Macedonian people do not exist. “I have 77 years and with the struggle of my ancestors here, I am a proof that I exist more than 100 years. And such generations like me are embedded and all generations in various forms are embedded within the Macedonian cause, which formed Macedonian state,” Elena Guli stated in Skopje.



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