Street Voices: Red and Yellow Protest Continue In Skopje

Time: 11:30  p.m. CEST

Citizens in support for unitary character of Macedonia hold placards refuting the idea, as written, for government created under influence of organizations supported by George Soros in the country. One of the placards says: “Soros, stop eating Macedonia.”

Hours before scheduled visit of the European Union commissioner for enlargement, Johannes Hahn to Macedonia in order to find a possible impasse to the political gridlock that could happen even after possible continuation of constitutive parliamentary session, protesters supporting the initiative for unitary character of Macedonia make their voices heard.

For more than 20 days, large number of population now supports the views of the organizers and request the annulation of Tirana’s platform, a document that could  be part of the new government program, if the President Gjorgje Ivanov decides to give the mandate.

Organizers of the protest did not comment much the decision of Hahn to not meet with the representatives of civil society, but said Hahn would hear the rhythm of the Macedonian heart, as each night they end the peaceful gathering with sound of the human heart.

In more than three weeks of protests, the organizers offered their support to President’s Ivanov decision not to offer a mandate to president of SDSM after Zoran Zaev delivered 67 signatures in support for a parliamentary majority.

“We said to him not to surrender to any pressure. Residents that support unitary Macedonia is with him,” Bogdan Ilievski stated in Skopje. A poet Slave Gjorgjo Dimovski said that “St. Clement’s Ohrid School gave literacy to almost half Europe.”

An actor, Vasil Zafircev explained that in the past three weeks, international community did not condemn clearly Tirana’s platform. “This platform is not mediation, as Hahn stated, this platform is meddling of neighboring state into domestic affairs of Republic of Macedonia,” Zafircev stated.

Even though, Hahn would not have a meeting with representatives of this civil initiative, they said it will express their discontent.


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