‘Red & Yellow’ Protesters Requested of Politicians “Do not Lie to Us” about Tirana’s Platform

Time: 12:07 p.m. CEST


Protests continue in Skopje for unitary character of Republic of Macedonia despite initiative for a letter of SDSM to the Assembly for continuation of the plenary session to choose president of Assembly. Protesters gathered and walked from the government to the Assembly building in Skopje. Speakers, including Nada Misirkova, and Snezana Konevska-Rusi, Vera Achkovska talked about importance of preserving the national symbols, identity and history.

[Video highlights of March 16, 2017, protest]

Organizers of the protest reaffirmed their requests against Tirana’s platform, and requested making of the Macedonian platform in Macedonia. The protests were supported by several hunting organizations in Macedonia which representatives said they always work to protect natural sites of the country.

Nada Misirkova talked about importance of Krste Petkov Misirkov, 19th century ethnographer. “Before 120 years he said that this state is Macedonia, that Macedonian people live here, and that Macedonian language is spoken.” An actress, Snezana Konevska-Rusi asked who is the person that would portion Macedonia.

A historian Vera Ackovska said that, “The name is identity, the language is the homeland, and history is our existence. Our symbols, anthem, flag are not for merchandising. They are not issues for debate of historians, those are issues about one nation existence and continuation of the state.”


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