Protest: Strong Condemnations of Harsh Rhetoric Against Macedonia Existence


Time: 11:55 p.m. CEST


Protest in support of the unitary character of Macedonia continued in Skopje on March 13, 2017 with a large number of protesters saying “the masks fall off,” as a small performance happened near the Assembly building in Skopje. As in the previous days, organizers responded to the issue of Tirana’s platform and spoke against the atmosphere, this document created in society by slight of two million of the population.

[Video highlights of March13, 2017 protest]

Various speakers shared their emotions and opinions about the current political deadlock in Macedonia. Nikita Shekutkovski, Ph.D. Professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje stated that, “we witness a basic disrespect to the Macedonian state.” Shekutkovski asked in which century we are living, and whether are those examples of good neighboring relations.

A theater actor, Zoran Ljutkov said, “political parties, particular political representatives and the platform are those who are inciting nationalism and hate among citizens.”

Bogdan Ilievski, one of the organizers of the citizens’ initiative, commented a member of Alliance of Albanians, Zijadin Sela’s statement, and most recent address of an Albanian politician Mesila Doda who claimed recently she “remembered former Albanian region; now someone calls Macedonia.”

Ilievski stated that no one has a right to declare Macedonians in Albania as Bulgarian minority, referring to recent resolution adopted by the European Parliament on minorities in a region in Albania. Protests in support for unitary character of Macedonia started recently after president of SDMS, Zoran Zaev delivered 67 signatures to president Gjorgje Ivanov and requested a mandate to form a government.


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