“Fortress 2” Postponed, Pavle Bogoevski Arrived For Another Hearing at Court

Time: 11:48 p.m. CEST

Two judicial cases of public interest were postponed or scheduled for another date at Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje. In the case “Fortress 2,” Special Public Prosecutor Lence Ristovska said the special prosecution received declassification for large amounts of the evidences. Ristovska added that “we will see what will happen on the next hearing,” which is scheduled on May 5. Ristovska added that Special Prosecution has impasses by the Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence within Ministry of Interior.

A defense lawyer, Sanja Aleksik that represents several of the charged officials said, “despite we heard in the oral arguments by the prosecutor, they delivered to the Court documentation, but they did not give this documentation to the defense. We will see it and would comment further,” Aleksik said. A judge in this case took sick leave.

In the case of Pavle Bogoevski, where he is charged with “participation in a mob that commits a criminal offense” for reported throwing paint on the Ministry of Culture façade on April 18, another hearing was scheduled for April 26. In the trial that started on October 5, Ministry of Culture assesses the damages to the building.

The Forensics Institute prepared the document, but the defense challenges not only the amount of about $6,540, but also the evidences represented to the Court.

“Between two hearings we received communication between the government and Ministry of culture related to the damage costs. The Ministry of Culture representative did not mention that. We can act on this case, if all evidences are gathered,” Sasho Dukoski, a lawyer to Pavle Bogovski explained after the hearing.


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