SDSM President Introduces Program for New Government

Time: 12:28 a.m. CEST  Update: March 11 9:03 p.m. CEST

Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM holds a document he presented as proposed government program 2017-2020.

President of SDSM Zoran Zaev proposed on news conference in Skopje program for new government and explained the content of proposed legislation on languages. The issue that is in focus of political negotiations and protests was not fully explained by Zaev, who said new government would draft legislative solutions for use of languages.

“To broaden the use of the official language spoken by 20 percentages of the population, and that is Albanian language, according to the framework of the amendment five of Republic of Macedonia’s Constitution,“ Zaev stated.

According to Zaev, “the law would broaden the use of the language and it would enable Albanian citizens to communicate with the state institutions, using their native language. Another issue Zaev talked is bilingual money and the opinions of the Constitutional Law experts on the issue.

“The experts for Constitutional law have opinion that denars are in use on the territory of Republic of Macedonia and possible use of other language in their printing is against the Constitutional articles for use of Macedonian language, the language spoken by over 20 percentage of the population in Macedonia,” Zaev explained.

[Video highlights of Zoran Zaev statements]

Zaev stated that, “Basic rule in the police and army is the unity of the uniform that means standardized clothing. Thus, we have one police and army on the territory of Republic of Macedonia and making differences on those uniforms it does not correlates with the Constitution.” Zaev requested the mandate for Government from the President Gjorgje Ivanov and said they want to elect president of the Parliament, as soon as possible.

On December 4, 2016 Zaev introduced SDSM political program for “Life in Macedonia,” but that program did not mention changes in the language legislation. Language issues are already defined and implemented with the laws after Ohrid Framework Agreement.

Shortly after the news conference of SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE reacted with a news conference by Antonio Miloshoski, member of party executive committee. Miloshoski stated that Zaev until recently talked he spoke with DUI and Zijadin Sela, “only about principles.”

Miloshoski stated that Zaev revealed a bill on the use of Albanian language, “but hid its content as Article 8, which was previously stated in public. Zaev, said Miloshoski, did not explain what the discussions on condemnation of genocide against Albanians in Macedonia contain. “Zaev hid who will be convicted of genocide and if Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece or the Republic of Macedonia will be among convicted for alleged genocide.”

Political parties of Albanians commented the proposed program by SDSM’s president Zaev. According to an article of AlsatM, DUI stated that, ”the inclusion of Albanian money and uniforms is in accordance with the highest legal act,” comparing with the passports of two languages, which are used abroad.

Movement BESA pointed out Albanians are “the second biggest nation in Macedonia.” This movement would not comment the details of the program, because unresolved issues of mandate. Alliance of Albanians believes they would include all issues of high national and civic interest in the broader government program.


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