Excavators and Harvester in Support of Red-Yellow Protests in Skopje

Time: 12:35 a.m. CEST

Red-Yellow Protests continued in Skopje with strong reaction against the attempts for bi-national state and acceptance of Tirana’s platform. Each day, citizen’s initiative in support for unitary character of Macedonia walk from the Government building to the Assembly, accompanied with individual and group supporters. Protesters walked on Friday with excavators and harvesters to the Assembly.

A representative of the agricultural sector greets the initiative and spoke in support of the protests. Ljupco Arizanov, representative of regional alliance of wine growers addressed the issue of granted citizenships, referring to long-standing political disputes on the issues. “Granted citizenships, but we accepted them as they are,” Arizanov stated. Hristos Populi, said that Vlahs “are offering support for unitary Macedonia and to say ‘no’ to binational state, but to say ‘yes’ for multicultural, multi-confessional Macedonia.”

Violeta Sekovska, a poetry writer, said that, “two people can live in love and peace, but their languages can fight.”

Organizers of the protests responded to the calls of SDSM President Zoran Zaev to return to their homes with statements that the place in front of the Assembly is their home how, saying the protest would continue. “This is our home, the Assembly,” Boris Damovski stated from the improvised stage in Skopje. As Bogdan Ilievski stated, “national and state interests should not be issues of bargaining.”

Yesterday, a representative of the Bicycle Federation of Macedonia requested refuting the ideas for changing the current flag of Republic of Macedonia. Members of this federation biked in support of the initiative, dressed in the sport jerseys. Protests happens each day in more than 20 towns in Macedonia in support of the unitary character of the state.


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