Red-Yellow Protest in Skopje Continues

Time: 12:15 a.m. CEST

Red-Yellow protests continue in Skopje with people marching in protests of Tirana’s platform and in support of Macedonian language. Representatives of Serbian and Roma population in Macedonia spoke during the protest in Skopje, where people hold red-yellow symbols representing the colors of the flag. A person held a placard saying, “I am ASNOM, I am not genocide,” referring to part of alleged Tirana’s platform requesting condemnation of alleged genocide in several decades, something that reflects the period of the formation of Macedonia as a federal republic after World War II. One of the organizers of this citizen’s initiative, Igor Durlovski read Facebook status in support for the initiative by international handball player of Macedonia, Kiril Lazarov. “Dear Macedonians, to request respect of others, we need to respect ourselves,” Lazarov stated on Facebook. As Durlovski read the message, gathered people loudly spoke Lazarov’s  name.



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