Red-Yellow Happening in Skopje

Time: 11:28 p.m. CEST

Seniors perform folk dance at green park in Skopje during happening of red-yellow protest.

People in support of the initiative to protect unitary character of Macedonia with music and folk dances spend several hours in the local green park ‘Zena Borec’ (Women Fighter) in Skopje. Organizers of the event symbolically wrapped up the police fence in front of the Parliament with red-yellow ribbons.

“Symbolically, we will wrap up the fence in front of the Assembly with red and yellow ribbons. We want to say that the fence is not representing an obstacle. We are the fence in front of the Assembly. There would be no fence between the people and the parliamentarians,” Bogdan Ilievski, an architect and a blogger said.

Organizers reaffirmed their demands, refusal of platforms prepared by foreign states, creation of Macedonian platform in Skopje that will include the interests of all residents of Republic of Macedonia, and that Parliament should not vote for the government program that was not voted by citizens on election.

Yesterday, organizers spoke about importance of Macedonia to Europe, but set the necessity of language protection as important segment to identity.


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