Local: Ivanov Did Not Give Zaev Mandate for Government

Time: 8:48 p.m. CEST

In the latest developments in Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia’s President Gjorgje Ivanov decided not to give the mandate for government formation to president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, even though Zaev two days ago delivered to Ivanov a folder with 67 signatures of members of Parliament.

According to public address of Ivanov before the media in presidential villa in Skopje, the president has no evidence for the second condition he impose publicly, and that is guarantee for the country’s unitary character.

Ivanov refuted the document known informally as Tirana’s Platform, which sets the requests by the political parties of Albanians in Macedonia to those who will make the government and are ready to accept those requests.

Ivanov said that political parties compete on the election with programs, not with platforms defined by foreign states and foreign officials. In this case, first presentation of this document was in Tirana at the offices of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama who is recently facing Albanian opposition disagreements with his ruling.

Ivanov offered and met Zaev today for possible consultations about the situation. In the consultations with law experts, he quoted article 84 of the Constitution, which implies that President of the Republic gives the mandate for government formation. Ivanov finds the so-called Tirana platform obstacle for government formation as endangers the unitary character of the state.

“The content of the platform is outside of the Constitution and outside the Ohrid Framework Agreement. This platform endangers the sovereignty and independence of the state, bringing it to subservient level and dependence to other state,” Ivanov explained.

Ivanov stated that residents voted for reforms and implementation of Przino Agreement and not for the post-election platform of foreign state. “The other essential remark or negotiation for the foreign state platform is contrary to the Constitution,” Ivanov stated.

He also pointed out that Criminal Code punishes negotiation and acceptance of foreign platform that would make Republic of Macedonia dependent of foreign state. Ivanov addressed international community and requested they to publicly disprove and condemn the platform, which, as Ivanov stated, “represents meddling into domestic affairs, and change of the unitary character of our state.”

Hours after Ivanov’s address, Zaev requested the mandate for the government during news conference. Neither political parties of Albanians introduced in their programs the platform, which emerged after December 11, 2016 parliamentarian election.


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