Protest: Macedonia is Modern Republic Belonging to All its Residents

Time: 11:03 p.m. CEST

Photography, videography and writings by Aleksandra Dukovska


Informal group of residents, artists and other supporters expressed their discontent with developments in the political situation in Macedonia, requesting of the President Gjrogje Ivanov to respect Republic of Macedonia’s Constitution. They asked protection of Republic of Macedonia as a modern republic that belongs to all its residents. Protesters walked from the Government of Republic of Macedonia to the Assembly building.

“Macedonia is modern republic of its citizens. Macedonians, Albanians, Srbs, Roma, Bosniaks, Turks and Vlachs and others are living in one country of Macedonian people that faces discrimination even in the 21st century. We demand that neither political party accepts discriminatory politics of certain countries,” Igor Durlovski, Macedonian bass opera singer said on behalf of organizers.


Protesters walked from the Republic of Macedonia’s government by citizen’s office of president Gjorgje Ivanov and arrived to the Assembly, where symbolically they made knot of red and yellow scarfs, which represent the color of the country flag.


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