Local: Zoran Zaev Delivers Folder With 67 Signatures to Gjorgje Ivanov

Time: 2:55 p.m. CEST

Photography, videography and writings by Aleksandra Dukovska



Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM delivered a folder with 67 signatures of members of parliament to president Gjorgje Ivanov on February 27, 2017 shortly after 2:00 p.m. CEST. Zaev arrived with Radmila Shekerinska and Oliver Spasovski and before entering the meeting room briefly explained he expects peaceful transition of power.

Ivanov received a dark red folder with signatures, but the decision for offering a mandate by Ivanov will be in the next days. Zaev received 67 signatures, but political parties of Albanians in Macedonia would additionally decide if they would make a coalition with SDSM or they would only support minority government for particular legislation that regulates use of Albanian language in the country, aside already existing bilingualism where 20 percentage of the population is not of Macedonian majority.

“I hold 67 signatures of the parliamentarians of Macedonian Assembly, which guarantee possibility for new government for citizens of Macedonia. These signatures would enable end of the crisis in the Republic of Macedonia,” Zaev stated.

Here is short video of Zaev’s statement.


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