US President Trump Nominees Alexander Acosta for Labor Secretary


Time: 6:47 p.m. CEST Update: 9:30 p.m. CEST

A day after the U.S. President Donal Trump’s nominee Andrew Puzder withdraw from the nomination for the Secretary of Department of Labor, Trump announce a new name for his nomination to this position. At the beginning of the caustic news conference with many exchange between the White House correspondents and the president, Trump said his nominee for the Labor Secretary.

“The nominee for the Secretary of the Department of Labor would be Mr. Alex Acosta, he has a law degree from Harvard Law School, former clerk for Justice Samuel Alito,” Trump said as he announced the name. In favor of Acosta, President Trump said that his nominee has a tremendous career, he has been member of the National Labor Relations Board, and has been through Senate confirmation three times.

“I think he is going to be tremendous Secretary of Labor,” Trump said.

The news conference of Trump happened the same day of previously scheduled senator’s hearing of his former nominee for this job. But, fast-food executive Puzder withdraw yesterday after earlier reports there would be not enough votes of the senators to pass his confirmation. His personal life was also under scrutiny in the days before the hearing.

New nominee has more support than previous candidate. He studied at Harvard and he has some public service experience.

At the same news conference, President Trump challenged members of the White House correspondents and media. “I turned on TV, opened newspapers and I see stories of chaos. Yet, it is exact opposite. This administration is running as like fine-tuned machine, despite the fact I cannot get my Cabinet approved.” Trump said.

Trump spoke on the immigration and about the new executive action his administration is preparing. “We are issuing new executive action next week that would comprehensively protect our country,” Trump said, expressing opinion they would win previous one in addition to the new “comprehensive order, to protect our people.”

President Trump commented a reporter of Ami Magazine, Jake Turks calling it “insulting question.” Turx commented and his question was how government is planning to take care of the anti-Semitism.”

President Trump called “fake news” reports that members his campaign team were in contact with Russians during campaign.


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