Romanian Government Rescinds Corruption Decree, Requests Law and Parliamentarian Debate

Time: 7:53 p.m. CEST

Protests continue on Sunday night in Bucharest with protesters in large numbers after the government rescinded the controversial corruption decree. On Twitter, many users and media use #romanianprotests to share latest updates from Bucharest. According to Romanian TV station’s website, about 300.000 people are gathered at the Victory Square in Bucharest.

Even though Romania’s government repealed an emergency decree on Sunday that decriminalizes some wrongdoing after large demonstrations, Romanian Prime minister Sorin Grindeanu requested the justice minister to prepare a draft law and sent the law to Parliament for debate.

The government previously approved the law in the middle of night on Wednesday. As the Associated Press writes, the center-left Social Democratic Party has a parliamentary majority with a junior partner.

If the law wins the votes in the Parliament, President Klaus Iohannis need to sign off on the legislation. Constitutional Court needs to rule on the legality of rescinded decree, which decriminalized official misconduct if the funds are less than 45,000 euros.

The government reacted after the massive demonstrations in all major Romanian cities. Protesters demonstrated for a sixth straight day Sunday in Bucharest, capital of Romania. But, on Sunday, several people protested in support of the government.


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