Announcement: Special Prosecution Opens Two Cases “Tariff” and “Tank”

Time: 8:52 p.m. CEST

Archive photo: Special Prosecutors, September 15, 2016

Prosecution for the investigation of the content of illegally intercepted conversations opened two new investigations, as stated on their official website. The special prosecutors did not hold a news conference to announce the cases, instead published their reasonable doubts about procurement procedures that happened at the Macedonian Power Plants company and one of the Ministries in the government.

In the case of the Macedonian Power Plants, special prosecution investigates how a consortium qualified for the second stage, without submitting complete documentation.

The value of this service contract, as special prosecution claims, is 4, 092, 420 euros and considers special software for the need of the company. Special Prosecution has suspicions that some of the suspects approved payments for software maintenance in the warranty and post-warranty period, without clear timeframe. That, as special prosecution claims, made financial damage of 456,560 euros.

Special prosecution has a reasonable suspicion that a legal entity of the consortium purchased a module for document management by using separate agreement, although there was not a need for this. Special prosecution says that with a reasonable doubt, one of the suspects issued approval for the module’s operational acceptance and with that approved payments of 16,800 euros. The name of the case, as stated by the prosecution, is “Tariff.”

The second case, named “Tank,” Special Prosecution has reasonable doubt about ordering and purchasing a special type of car by one of the ministries in the government, which was, reportedly ordered upon a wish by the former Prime minister to obtain a special type of vehicle. According to the Special Prosecution, first suspect reportedly perform public procurement for the vehicle by preferring particular economic operator.

As stated by the Special prosecution, with a reasonable doubt, the special type of vehicle procurement, was contrary to the Article 36 of the Law on Public Procurement. Special Prosecution says that the second suspect decided to choose the best offer by the particular economic operator in value of 572,780 euros.

Special Prosecution did not mention whether they requested to see the vehicle, reportedly bought by one of the ministries in the former government upon the request of the former prime minister. A set of disclosed illegally intercepted conversations by SDSM’s president Zoran Zaev, relates to the conversations among state officials about procurement, targets of the new investigations by the Special Prosecution.



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