Fortress 2: Court Scheduled Another Pre-Trial Hearing for March 13

Time: 5:50 p.m. CEST

Photography, videography, and article by Aleksandra Dukovska

Nikola Dodevski, a lawyer for the officials of the Department of the Counterintelligence talks to the media on January 17, 2017 after the pre-trial hearing in case “Fortress 2.”

The Judge Lidija Petrovska scheduled another pre-trial hearing in the case “Fortress 2” after January 17, 2017 second pre-trial hearing between the Prosecution on the content of the illegally intercepted conversations and the Department of counter-intelligence within the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Macedonia.

After today’s hearing, Special Prosecution Prosecutor Lence Ristovska left the court without to give a statement to the reporters and said, “We are not having the statement today. Not today.” (see uploaded video for the statement)

According to this prosecution, formed to investigate the content of the illegally intercepted conversation, disclosed by the opposition president Zoran Zaev in 2015, high level official of the Department and several other employees, participated in the unlawful destroy of evidences and materials.

Video highlights of statements after pre-trial hearing at Criminal Court in the Primary Court Skopje 1 in Skopje

The pre-trial hearing was in part closed to the public due to the possible discussion about classified information.

After the end of today’s pre-trial hearing, the lawyer of the defendants, Nikola Dodevski stated that, “according to the changes in the law since December 1, 2013,” the side, which submits charges is responsible to collect the evidence.

“We heard today that they made three-time urgency for the court to overtake their job, to explain them how to decide upon the decision to make declassification of the evidences, requested by the law,” Dodevski stated. (see uploaded video for the statement). Dodevski talked about changes in the Criminal Code articles, legislators made in 2013.

According to him, the burden of proof evidence is only on the side of those participating in the process, especially to those who are making the charges. The court has only the right to decide, says Dodevski to the reporters after hearing which lasted about four hours.


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