AP: Trump denounces ‘disgrace’ of reports of Russian ties to him

Time: 11:10 p.m. CEST

The President-elect Donald Trump, as the Associated Press reports, in his first news conference since late July, disagreed with news organizations for publishing reported materials that Russia has compromising materials about him. “

I think it is a disgrace that information would be let out. I saw the information, I read the information outside of that meeting,” Trump said. Trump denounced reports that on Tuesday night were published by some news organizations. “It is all fake news, it is phony stuff, it didn’t happen,” Trump said during the news conference, were he did not allow CNN reporter to even ask a question. As the AP writes, the dossier reportedly contains “close coordination between Trump’s inner circle and Russians about hacking into Democratic accounts.”

The Associated Press could not authenticate any of the claims, including reported “unusual sexual activities.”

Trump said he said that, as far as hacking, he thinks “it was Russia,” but as the AP reports, he said, “the United States is hacked by other countries, including China.”

Trump’s first news conference, nine days before the inauguration, brought an announcement about a new Cabinet member, detailed his plans about setting aside his global business empire, explained his policy toward the Affordable Care Act, and added he would soon nominate someone to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. As the AP says, Trump did not criticize Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and said he would improve current “horrible relationship with Russia.”

During the news conference, Trump announced he would nominate David Shulkin for the Department of Veterans Affairs. The AP says, Trump promised a replacement for the health care overhaul would be offered ‘essentially simultaneously’ with the repeal of Obama’s signature health law. But, as AP explains that could not pass soon, considering the complexity of the policy changes, as Republicans about seven years after the passage of the ‘Obamacare’ could not agree on its replacement.

Trump said he would not destroy the company he made, but he brought to the podium attorney Sheri Dillon of Morgan Lewis, who need to work on the future of the Trump Organization.


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