State Election Commission Gives Mandates After Early Parliamentarian Election In Macedonia

Time: 4:50 p.m. CEST

by Aleksandra Dukovska

Entitled representatives of political parties who won seats in Parliament wait for the official certification by the State Election Commission in Skopje on December 28, 2016. 

The State Election Commission of Republic of Macedonia issued certificates for the mandates of the new members of Assembly after the end of the early parliamentarian election held on December 11. A revote in one polling place in municipality Tearce, Tetovo area brought no changes in the numbers of the mandates participants won in the election process. Entitled representatives of the political parties and their coalitions, which won seats in the Parliament signed the documents for the mandates.

Video of signing ceremony for MP mandates at the State Election Commission in Skopje on December 28, 2016. 

President of the State Election Commission, Aleksandar Cicakovski greeted the official representatives and stated that, “The election passed according to the legislation.” Cicakovski informed that the State Election Commission agreed on the official report for the election and it will submit to the Parliament during the day. After the Assembly receives the report by the State Election Commission, the President of the Parliament could convene the plenary session for the new members of the parliament. According to the Constitution, if the current president of the Parliament do not convene the Assembly, the oldest among the MP could convene the plenary session.

Aleksandar Cicakovski, president of State Election Commission stands in front of the official banner of the Commission responsible for the election process in Macedonia. 

Cicakovski stated that State Election Commission would publish the report for the election, mandates of political parties and name of new MPs on the commission official website. Representative of the opposition coalition, Stefan Bogov, appealed that Parliament convene as soon as possible.

According to the Constitution, the new plenary session for verification of MP mandates is 20 days after the end of the election. Later, during the day, President of the Assembly, Trajko Veljanovski scheduled the plenary session for December 30.


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