Post-Election Turbulences in Macedonia

Time: 11: 30 a.m. CEST

Post-election period in Macedonia differs than the situation on Election Day and threatens to undermine the effort for peaceful post-election period. The late-night session of the State Election Commission for few complaints on the voting process and tabulation of the results in Tetovo area should continue on Friday, despite the broken legislative deadline, which was on midnight.

The members of the Commission worked under the pressure of the protests held by officials, members and supporters of VMRO-DPMNE party, which protested the possibility Commission to influence on the final results of the election.

In several address yesterday during the all-day long session, some of the members of the Commission pointed out this institution do not take or give the mandates in the Parliament. The Commission refuted most of the complaints of BESA Movement due to procedural notices, while the members should revise the rest of five remaining complaints, submitted by the opposition SDSM.

The process would further move to the Administrative Court before the State Election Commission to announce official results.

Here is a drone footage of the last-night protest.


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