Obama Administration Still Looks for Diplomatic Solution in Syria, As Another Attempt for Evacuation in Aleppo Failed

Time: 7:20 p.m. CEST

The White House press secretary Josh Earnest excluded possibility for American ground military operation in Syria, despite the recent developments in Aleppo.

Earnest blamed Russia for failed strategy and said the United States pressure for diplomatic solution. When pressed by the White House correspondents on the U.S. actions relating to Syria, Earnest said, that, “we are working in variety of diplomatic channels to bring that state.”

The White House press secretary Earnest also expressed the “deeply concern of the situation.” “These atrocities have come to an end,” Earnest explained.

Meanwhile, a truce between rebels and the Syrian government in Aleppo collapsed on Wednesday after the fighter jets resume air raids over the enclave that was held by the opposition forces. All that postponed the necessary evacuation of rebels and civilian population. The activists said the aircraft resume the bombing shortly after noon.

The Associated Press reports, “Some shells fell near and around the one remaining hospital in the one-square mile enclave.” The AP writes that it was not clear if the planes were Syrian or Russian. As the fighting resumed, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu pointed out toward Syrian government and its allies of trying to scuttle the deal.

Ankara and Moscow made a last-minute deal in a situation when the rebels in Aleppo started to lose more and more territory. The UN estimates around 50,000 civilians are still trapped, CNN.com reported.

The monitoring body, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, “reported at least six people had been killed.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who gave an interview with Russia Today, said, “western countries pressured Russia for the cease-fire when rebels appeared to be on the verge of losing the territory they have held since 2012.”

The AP says, the Lebanese al-Manar TV channel, the media arm of the Lebanese militant Shiite group Hezbollah, fighting alongside Assad’s forces, broadcasted that the green busses provided by the Syrian government for the evacuation “are leaving the evacuation point empty and said government forces had resumed fighting with rebels in the city.”

The Russian Defense Ministry blamed the rebels for “resumed hostilities.” The attacks started at dawn, and by the late afternoon, the Observatory said rebels “intensely shelled Foua and Kfraya.” Those two pro-government towns are in the nearby Idlib province.

Speaking at a UN Security Council Emergency Briefing on Syria on Tuesday, US ambassador Samantha Power had some scathing words for her Syrian, Iranian and Russian counterparts, CNN.com says.

“You bear responsibility for these atrocities,” she said of the plight of eastern Aleppo residents amid reports of widespread summary executions, including of women and children, by Syrian forces in formerly rebel-held areas.


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