Number of Deaths After Twin Blasts in Istanbul Rises

Time: 9:40 p.m. CEST  Update: December 11 9:15 a.m. CEST 11:10 a.m. CEST

A double bombing that hit central Istanbul near Besiktas’ Vodafone Arena Stadium killed 29 people and injured 166 on December 10, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said, as Hurryiet Daily News reports.

He said, 27 police officers died, two other were civilians.The first explosion was from a moving car, which targeted the riot police near stadium, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus explained on  news conference early on December 11. “The second attack came 45 seconds after the first one when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at Maçka Park just across from the stadium, Kurtulmuş said,” as Hurryiet Daily News reports. “It’s not certain, but the arrows point to the PKK,” Kurtulmus told CNN Türk on Dec. 11. publishes that 38 people died because of the explosion.

Police detained 10 suspects. Beşiktas has announced that one of the civilians killed was a staff member at the Beşiktaş store while the other was a congress member and a police officer. The huge blasts occurred at around 10:20 p.m., local time, and about 90 minutes after a match between Beşiktaş and Bursaspor ended at the nearby ground. It was heard on both sides of the Bosphorus.

Number of ambulances arrived to the scene, but due to the lack of hospitals near Taksim Square, most of the wounded were transferred to Sisli Etfal Hospital or other medical centers. Dogan News Agency explained that security forces early on December 11 detonated a suspicious car.

Early reporting: 

An explosion in Istanbul near Besiktas’ Vodafone Arena injured at least 20 people, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said, as Hurryiet Daily News reports. A CNN Türk reporter said the attack might have targeted riot police at the stadium. Two explosions and gunshots occurred as initial reports said. Meanwhile, Turkey’s media watchdog, the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), announced a gag order on reporting the explosion, Hurryiet Daily News reports.


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