Parliament in South Korea Impeached President

Time: 3:55 p.m. CEST

South Korea’s Parliament approved the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye because of the corruption scandal. The parliamentarians passed the impeachment with 234 votes to 56. The number of those who voted in favor included even some members of Park’s ruling Saenurl party. South Korea’s Prime minister Hwang Kyo-ahn is interim president.

Recently, thousands of people protested demanding Park’s removal. After the vote, she apologized that “created national chaos with my carelessness.” After impeachment, Geun-hye is in custody, “facing charges of coercion and abuse of power,” says.

Geun-hye allegedly use her position with her friend to pressure corporations to donate money, which she used for personal use.

After the suspension, the case goes to the Constitutional Court, which will have 180 days for the final ruling. If at least six of the court’s nine judges approve the decision, South Korea would hold elections within 60 days.

This is the second case of impeachment in South Korea. Another happened in 2004, when the Parliament suspended former President Boh Moo-hyun for two months. The court later overturned the impeachment vote.


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